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About Us

‘Who’s Got Game’ we are an innovative sports organization, we specialize in the development of basketball and sports participation both commercially and recreationally among business’s and unacquainted communities, hosting basketball related events, workshops, camps and coaching sessions with young people, organizations and in schools and colleges all over the UK and internationally. We use sport as a tool to educate, inform and develop and encourage health active living, we also look at how sports organizations can capitalize on using sport to maximize revenue. We are more than a sports organization, we aim to motivate, inspire and bring the best out of organizations, schools and individuals through the competitive sport of basketball.

We have put together programs that combine, the game of basketball with life skills, motivation, teaching and exam and revision techniques, we have coaches and members of staff that will ensure personal and skill development. We plan to empower the youth through our programs they will also gain appropriate nutritional and hygiene advice, extra tutoring and increase physical activity. Individually the youth involved in our sessions will be provided with the tools to better themselves.

We believe sports (namely basketball) can be used to help build skills and characteristics that employers’ want and that also improve personal development and growth. This sport helps build skills in teamwork, performing in front of an audience, leadership; sport also breaks social and cultural barriers and naturally brings people together. This makes sport a very profitable platform, which businesses and communities can capitalize on.


Vision and Mission

Vision: The Vision of Who’s Got Game is to use basketball as a tool for social change, we want to engage and reach hard to reach people combining the game of basketball with the teaching of life skills, aspiration and active citizenship.

Mission:  To be a key link between education and sport; and key drivers in using sport as a tool for social change in the UK. Developing and restoring a sense of community, hope and inspiration for all.
Using sport as tool, we are experts as agents for change and with the sport of basketball. Benchmarking and setting standards so that our partakers can improve, develop and increase in ability and performance.


Our 4 Key Values:

Expert: Providing relevant, reliable and authoritative information, insight and knowledge

Inspirational: We encourage ambition and hope, strive for best practice and promote learning and continuous improvement

Easy to do business with: Approachable, empowering, responsive, efficient and collaborative

Inclusive: Open to all, whether organisations or individuals, who are working towards improving, committed to equality and diversity


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